Monday, July 24, 2017

Accessory Service Inc.

This week's mug shows the question "Who's the Hydraulic Specialist?" above what appears to be a cloud of smoke or dark exhaust.
When hot liquid is added, the cloud clears to reveal a helicopter above the company name 'accessory service inc.'  along with the phone number.  (The phone number has been blurred as usual.)

Though I can find no history on the mug, it is a good suggestion that the mug was given to prospective customers or regular customers.

DESIGN:  1 Sided
TYPE: Promotional

Monday, July 17, 2017


This week's mug comes from NORWEST Banks.  The mug has been microwave damaged, but it's easy to see the original design.  On the left side of the mug would have been a dark area punctuated with colorful stars in red and white. Beneath this area is the NORWEST emblem.  
When hot liquid is added, the dark area clears (in this case, you can see that it still clears a bit) to reveal a stylized sunrise beneath the words "Good Morning."

Norwest banks merged with Wells Fargo in 1998, so it's a good guess that this mug was given out sometime during the 'magic mug' hey days of the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s and was given out to patrons of the bank (perhaps with the opening of a new account.)

DESIGN:  1 Sided
TYPE: Promotional

Monday, July 10, 2017

Star Trek - Deep Space 9

This week's mug is another Star Trek Mug, made for the television show Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
This is a full wrap around design, showing the logo on the right side of the mug and the Deep Space Nine ship on the left.  Also at the left is this information on three lines:

This design is another great use of the Thermochromatic ink! When hot liquid is added, the area to the right of the ship clears to reveal the worm hole that DS9 uses to access an area of space called the Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light years away. 

Being a trekker from way back, this is a great addition to the collection.

DESIGN:  2+ Sided
TYPE: Retail Purchase

Monday, July 3, 2017


 This week's mug is from VideoTelecom.  On the right side of the mug is the company name, along with the phrase "Better than being there!"
On the left side of the mug is a venn diagram with "Focus on Media Conferencing TM" above and "More than just Videoconferencing!" below.  The diagram shows two 'pie' pieces in green labeled Video and Audio.  The rest of the pic is (supposed to be) opaque. 
When hot liquid is added the rest of the venn-diagram clears to show 3 more pie pieces.  Time, Documents, and Computer.

The mug is obviously microwave damaged, but it has enough of a color change left to show all the parts. 

DESIGN:  1+ Sided
TYPE: Promotional

Monday, June 26, 2017

Regina and Pig Pen

Regina vacuum cleaners had an entire campaign around Pig Pen, the character from Charles Schultz's Peanuts comic strip.  This mug shows Pig pen with his trademark dust clouds and dirty face standing beside the Regina Logo and the phrase "Powerful enough to clean up after Pigpen."
Once hot liquids are added, all the dirty on his face and clothes as well as the cloud of dust disappear to show Pigpen in all his clean glory.  There is a very clever design that shows Pigpen with a sort of smile when covered with dirt and a frown when the dirt cleans off.  Nice mug, the color change is near complete, too!

DESIGN:  1 Sided
TYPE: Promotional

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wallis Optical

This week's mug comes from Wallis Optical Company.  The left side of the mug features a large pair of sunglasses, above which is printed "GET", and between the lenses, the word "AT" and then the name 'Wallis Optical Company' below.  The odd phrase immediately draws you in to wonder what could it mean? 

When hot liquid is added, it all comes together.  The lenses clear to reveal a palm studded shoreline and the words "SPEC'S" and "APPEAL" appear.  This completes the phrase "Get Spec's Appeal at Wallis Optical Company."  One might wonder at the use of the apostrophe, making it possessive rather than plural, but if you take the time to wonder at it, then the mug has done its job.  

Good color change, and a great use of the thermo ink! Most likely given to new customers during a special promotion.  

DESIGN:  1 Sided
TYPE: Promotional

Monday, June 12, 2017

Madonna and Child

For the last three weeks, I've featured new magic mugs (not brand new, but certainly new to me!) Others have told me they have a hard time finding them, so it's always great to find two in one day! 

This mug is totally black and has an almost matte finish, even the handle.  

When hot liquid is added to the mug, the entire mug clears (yes, even part of the handle!) to reveal three copies of a "Madonna and Child" style painting, much as you might see on prayer candles, running edge to edge around the mug, nearly handle to handle.

I am unsure of the history of this mug, and have no idea where it might have turned up.  I can only hope that it is one of a set and there are others out there to find.  The color change is quick and, as you can see, nearly complete. A very unique mug to say the least!

DESIGN:  Full, 3 Sided
TYPE:  Retail?